Can Weight Loss Reverse My Type 2 Diabetes?

Oct 02, 2023
Can Weight Loss Reverse My Type 2 Diabetes?
If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, can healthy weight loss help? Read to learn more about the role of your weight in battling diabetes, and how you may be able to achieve remission. 

Chronic conditions like diabetes harm your health and your everyday quality of life. At VIP Integrative Healthcare, LLC, Martine Senatus, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC and her team are here to help with health issues like type 2 diabetes in patients from around the West Palm Beach, Florida, area.

Type 2 diabetes is typically acquired in adulthood, and has a relationship with your body weight. If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you might be wondering if there’s any chance your condition could be reversed, and your diabetes go into remission.

You should know that significant weight loss may lead to remission for some individuals with type 2 diabetes. With professional, medical weight loss support through VIP Integrative Healthcare, LLC, there’s hope for diabetes remission. Here’s what you need to know about diabetes and weight loss.

Developing insulin resistance

Diabetes involves problems with the way your body produces or uses the naturally-occurring chemical insulin, manufactured in an abdominal organ called your pancreas. Your cells need insulin to be able to absorb energy from the foods and beverages you take in.

If you develop type 2 diabetes, the issue facing you is insulin resistance. Your cells become unable to use insulin to extract needed energy. That means your body isn’t getting the fuel it needs, and, also, that your blood sugar levels become too high, due to lack of absorption. 

Chronic high blood sugar can result in nerve damage and other serious complications.

Diabetes remission and your weight

Type 2 diabetes correlates with being overweight or obese, and studies show that significant weight loss may be able to put your type 2 diabetes in remission.

Your diabetes is in remission when your glycemic control, including your blood sugar and other blood markers like hemoglobin A1C, stays in healthy range for at least 6 months without the use of medication.

Your condition goes into remission, rather than being cured, because regaining weight may increase your blood sugar levels back into the unhealthy, diabetic range. At that point, you may need medication to keep your condition effectively managed.

You’ll need significant weight loss to achieve diabetes remission. The team at VIP Integrative Healthcare, LLC are ready to support you through your weight loss journey.

Medical weight loss support

In order to put your type 2 diabetes into remission, you’ll need to restrict your calorie intake on a daily basis, changing your lifestyle for healthy weight loss. These types of changes are often challenging to implement. That’s why medical weight loss support is essential for getting your diabetes into remission using weight loss.

When you partner with the team at VIP Integrative Healthcare, LLC, we provide you with a personalized weight loss program that takes your unique needs into careful consideration. Your weight loss plan includes both nutritionally balanced meal plans and exercise plans.

We can also prescribe medications like phentermine and recommend nutritional supplements to support your healthy weight loss.

With realistic goals and ongoing monitoring and support, you can lose weight and increase your long-term health and wellness. If you’re interested in attaining type 2 diabetes remission through supported weight loss, contact VIP Integrative Healthcare online or over the phone and schedule your initial consultation appointment today.