When Should You Consider Medical Weight Loss?

May 22, 2023
 When Should You Consider Medical Weight Loss?
Is your weight a problem? Do you need help solving it? Medical weight loss can be very helpful for your health and wellness. Is medical weight loss support right for you? Read to learn more.

You know that losing weight is right for your health. You’re sure you’ll feel better in your body once you succeed. Even moderate weight loss can significantly improve your condition. But, it’s not always easy to lose weight on your own.

When you need to lose weight, and know you need support to accomplish your goals, it’s time to consider medical weight loss treatment. Nurse practitioner Martine Senatus, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, and the team at VIP Integrative Healthcare in West Palm Beach, Florida, can help. Here’s how, and why medical weight loss support could be just what you need.

Medical reasons you might need weight loss support

There are many reasons why you might want, or need, to lose weight. Some serious health conditions can be improved if you can get yourself to a healthy weight, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss can also help with quality of life issues relating to osteoarthritis or chronic pain. When your body doesn’t need to support as much weight, you take pressure off your bones, ligaments, joints, and soft tissue.

If you’re diagnosed with a condition that would improve with weight loss, it’s probably time to reach out for medical weight loss assistance.

Ways that medical weight loss support helps you

There’s a good chance that you’ve tried to lose weight at some previous point in your life. Most people have gone on at least one or two diets! You may have been frustrated by the way your past results didn’t last, or by how hard it proved to get the pounds to start coming off.

Nutrition, exercise, and weight loss can be complex topics to fully understand. Your body may resist weight loss due to past metabolic damage. And, psychological and emotional factors often play a large role in our relationship with food, our bodies, and our size.

Medical weight loss support means that you’re not alone with these problems and frustrations. When you’re getting the right information, encouragement, and monitoring, you can succeed with weight loss when you haven’t had sufficient success in the past.

The components of medical weight loss support

At VIP Integrative Healthcare, we pay attention to multiple aspects of your health and wellness as we guide and cheer you on your weight loss journey. Our team of primary care, mental health, and wellness practitioners are well-positioned to give you the various types of support you could need most.

We personalize treatment for all of our weight loss patients. That means you get your own diet and nutrition plan, your own exercise plan, and the type of encouragement or monitoring that’s most effective for you.

We also use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to check for potential medical conditions, like thyroid dysfunction, that could be interfering with your ability to lose weight.

Medical weight loss therapies

At VIP Integrative Healthcare, LLC, we offer unique programs, treatments, and therapies to help you with healthy weight loss. For example, supplementing your diet with vitamin b12 can address underlying imbalances preventing you from losing weight.

And, we provide several injection therapies for weight loss support. Semaglutide injections boost your pancreas, keeping your insulin levels balanced and your blood sugar healthy. Or, the LIPO-C Fat Burner injection could be right for you. This lipotropic injection treatment promotes healthy weight loss and lean muscle mass retention.

When you need to lose weight effectively and healthily, contact Martine Senatus and the team of providers at VIP Integrative Healthcare for the information and care that will get you real, lasting, non-harmful weight loss results.

Get started by scheduling your initial consultation appointment with one of our providers online or over the phone today.