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Psychotherapy services offered in West Palm Beach, FL

Martine Senatus, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC of VIP Integrative Healthcare in West Palm Beach, Florida, offers patients a chance to benefit from psychotherapy regardless of their issue. With each session, Dr. Senatus and her team of experts work to find the root cause of your concern, investigate how it manifests through moods and behaviors, and find solutions that improve your quality of life. Call the office today to learn how psychotherapy can help you.

Psychotherapy Q&A

What is psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, is the core treatment for most mental health problems. There are different approaches to this treatment plan. The team at VIP Integrative Healthcare custom designs plans to fit the needs of each patient.

Why would you need psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is about identifying life stresses and conflicts that interfere with your happiness. Through psychotherapy,  the team of compassionate experts can help you:

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Reduce stress
  • Find healthy coping mechanisms
  • Manage unhealthy behaviors
  • Deal with physical side effects
  • Find recovery from abuse or addiction
  • Improve sleep habits and deal with sleep issues

Psychotherapy is a very general term, but one that offers many possibilities for recovery.

What are the types of psychotherapy?


There are several variations to psychotherapy. Some work better than others, depending on your mental health and goals.


Several types of psychotherapy the team might suggest to you include:


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to deal with negative behaviors or thoughts
  • Psychodynamic Therapy for self reflection and self examination
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of CBT used to change patterns
  • Humanistic Therapy for a holistic approach focused on free will and self discovery
  • Psychoanalysis to tap into the unconscious mind and recover suppressed emotions
  • Supportive psychotherapy for those coping with loss or anxiety


You deserve support. VIP Integrative Healthcare can help.

What can you expect from psychotherapy?


The first session focuses on determining your needs and creating objectives. The team discusses your medical and emotional history and things currently affecting your life. They will ask you your specific concerns and why you feel like seeing a therapist can help you.


During this first session, they also discuss the psychotherapy process with you, so you understand how it works and why it may help.


The first session is as much about you getting to know them as it is a way for them to evaluate your needs. The bond between a counselor and a patient is very important, so feel free to ask questions that will help determine if this is a good fit.


During subsequent sessions, you will talk about how you feel. VIP Integrative Healthcare experts help you identify your emotions and open up about them. You may also be asked to do homework, such as activities that define how you feel at any given time.


Don’t delay a moment longer. Call the office to speak to VIP Integrative Healthcare’s friendly and helpful staff or request an appointment online today.